Monterey Bay Half Marathon Continues to Empower and Impact the Community

Monterey Bay Half Marathon Continues to Empower and Impact the Community

MONTEREY, CA– The annual Monterey Bay Half Marathon, one of the region’s most anticipated events, is set to take place on November 12th, 2023. As participants from near and far gear up to conquer the scenic coastal course, the focus remains on the significant impact this race has on the entire Monterey Peninsula.

Celebrating its 20th year, the Monterey Bay Half Marathon has become synonymous with community empowerment, economic growth, and charitable contributions. Hosted by the Big Sur Marathon Foundation, this year’s event brings the entire community together to achieve personal milestones and support local causes. 

Race weekend also includes By-the-Bay 3K and Pacific Grove Lighthouse 5K which are perfect distances for both runners and walkers. For those looking for an additional challenge, the Ocean View Challenge invites runners to participate in both the 5K and Half Marathon.

One of the most striking impacts of the Monterey Bay Half Marathon is its ability to drive tourism and stimulate the local economy. As runners and their families converge upon the stunning shores of Monterey Bay, local businesses experience a surge in activity. Race weekend becomes an opportunity to showcase the region’s natural beauty and warm hospitality to visitors from all corners of the world. 

The race is supported by local organizations including the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Monterey Regional Airport, Fleet Feet Monterey, Alvarado Street Brewing, KSBW, Monterey Herald, KWAV Radio, and more. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in the success of the Monterey Bay Half Marathon. 

The event also serves as a platform to strengthen community bonds and foster a culture of wellness and fitness. Participants from various backgrounds and fitness levels train diligently, embodying the spirit of determination and perseverance. Local volunteers and organizations rally behind the event, offering their support and creating an atmosphere of camaraderie.

In addition, the Monterey Bay Half Marathon has a longstanding commitment to philanthropy. The event generates crucial funds to support community development initiatives by partnering with local charities and nonprofit organizations. Each step taken on the race course becomes an opportunity to make a difference to various causes close to the hearts of the Monterey Bay community.

“Each November, our community comes together for this great event. Not only does it inspire individuals to achieve their personal best, but it also creates a ripple effect of economic growth, community engagement, and charitable giving,” says Big Sur Marathon Foundation’s Executive Director, Josh Priester. “The foundation is proud to be part of this incredible journey.”

Race weekend kicks off Friday, November 10th with the opening of the Health and Fitness expo which is free and open to the public. On Saturday, the day begins with By-the-Bay 3K and Pacific Grove Lighthouse 5K Run & Walk. On Sunday we welcome runners from around the world to take part in the Monterey Bay Half Marathon.

Runners will experience the power of community and the unwavering spirit of the Monterey Bay region. It exemplifies the connection between athleticism, local businesses, and charitable endeavors, making it a cornerstone event on the community’s calendar. Registration for the Monterey Bay Half Marathon is open. Visit for more information.