Monterey Bay Half Marathon Partners with Recover Brands on Sustainable Apparel


October 8, 2018

Contact: Hillary Gibson, Marketing Communications Manager

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Monterey Bay Half Marathon Partners with Recover Brands on Sustainable Apparel

Organizations align on commitment to sustainability and community.

The Big Sur Marathon Foundation is thrilled to welcome Recover Brands as a Community Partner for the 2018 Monterey Bay Half Marathon. Recover Brands creates eco-friendly custom apparel that aims to minimize environmental impact from manufacturing to fulfillment. The Big Sur Marathon Foundation takes pride in partnering with socially responsible brands to maintain a sustainable presence on California’ Central Coast.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Recover Brands has been designing and manufacturing recycled apparel free of chemicals, dyes, and wastewater since 2010.

“Recover is proud to partner with the Monterey Bay Half Marathon on apparel,” said Co-Founder & President Bill Johnston. “In addition to making the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible products possible, a big part of our mission is education, and by working with like-minded organizations that are committed to sustainability like the Monterey Bay Half Marathon, we’re able to reach a much larger audience and give people the opportunity support environmental initiatives. Our products are also perfect for runners as they are lightweight, comfortable and breathable, which is really important for runners as they look to incorporate sustainable products into their daily lives.”

Recover Brands will be providing custom participant shirts for Saturday’s By-the-By 3K, volunteer shirts for more than 1,500 volunteers, and uniforms for the on-site Green Team. During the event weekend, Recover Brands will be working closely with Blue Strike Environmental, the half marathon’s greening partner, to produce a sustainable event from start to finish. With the help of Blue Strike Environmental, the Monterey Bay Half Marathon diverted over 98% of total waste generated from the 2017 event. The organization hopes to build upon successes such as these by aligning with like-minded partners like Recover Brands.

In addition to their expertise in recycled apparel industry, Recover Brands brings project management and art design to the partnership. Recover Brands merchandise will also be available for purchase at the Race Expo, held in the Monterey Conference Center on Friday, November 9th from 12pm to 6pm, and Saturday, November 10th from 9am to 6pm.

About Recover Brands

Recover strives to produce the very best apparel with the most minimal impact on the environment. The materials that we use, which otherwise would have been sent to the landfill, are 100% recycled. Beyond using 100% recycled materials to produce Recover products we take great efforts to use the most environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods. The process in which the recycled materials that we use are produced into garments eliminates dyes and significantly reduces chemical, water, and energy use. Ultimately the entire process, from design to production to packaging, contributes to the environmental impact of a garment and it is the Recover Initiative to reduce that impact as much as possible every step of the way.

About the Big Sur Marathon Foundation

The Big Sur Marathon Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create beautiful running events that promote health and benefit the community. Under the brand are four individual races: Big Sur International Marathon in April, Run in the Name of Love 5K and 2K in June, Salinas Valley Half Marathon and 5K in August, and the Monterey Bay Half Marathon, 5K and 3K in November. In addition, the Foundation oversees the award-winning JUST RUN® youth fitness program. #bsimevents

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Hillary Gibson, Big Sur Marathon Foundation / 831-625-6226