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Sponsorship Opportunities

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The Big Sur International Marathon (BSIM) is regarded as one of most prominent event organizations in both the international running community and in the local residential and business communities throughout Monterey County and Northern and Central California. Through this prestigious athletic event your business can reach the hearts of thousands of enthusiastic runners and their families. For many people, successfully finishing a challenging marathon like the Big Sur is the athletic highlight of their life – a memory cherished and not soon to be forgotten! As a celebrated BSIM sponsor, your organization will be a partner in the achievement of personal success. Supporting the Big Sur International Marathon offers a tremendous opportunity for you to build brand loyalty and attract new customers. Sponsorship of the BSIM also benefits thousands of local Monterey County residents through BSIM’s non-profit charitable donation program. We invite you to be a part of the winners’ circle and join in sponsoring the Big Sur International Marathon.

  • Sponsorship utilizes your advertising and promotional dollars to their fullest potential
  • Sponsorship strengthens your corporate leadership and image
  • Sponsorship can help capture a truly dedicated and targeted market
  • Through sponsorship you can take advantage of a significant charitable, non-profit opportunity
  • Sponsorship affords involvement with an international health-oriented event and organization

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Sponsorship Contact:
Julie Armstrong, Marketing Communications Director
julie@bsim.org • 831.625.6226